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Opinion | The Economy Will Collapse Before Trump is Forced Out of Office


Quick Takeaways

  • Trump fears that Fed’s policies will turn him into the next Herbert Hoover
  • The Dow falls with every Trump tweet, negative gains for 2018
  • Weak people blame everyone but themselves


The collapse of the U.S. economy has to be weighing on Trump’s mind or the name ‘Hoover’ would not have come out of his mouth. He’s worried that the Fed raising rates, which they normally do as the economy grows, will cause a recession.

To be fair to Herbert Hoover, he was at least legally elected president. Not only is Trump’s comparison inappropriate, it’s flat-out wrong. Hoover didn’t cause the great depression. However, Trump, with every stupid tweet and self-inflicted wound upon his own illogical goals, is causing the economy to slow and eventually sink.

He’s scared, we all know it, and his worst nightmare of him knowing that we know has already long come true. Now he wants to blame the Fed in the event of what’s beginning to look like collapse.

Trump’s economy began just over a year ago, and the Dow has lost all of its gains of 2018. Everyday is opposite day as he squats in the White House, waiting for the inevitable day when we fire him either by force-out or through his most likely defeat in 2020. The people and I were told that there would be so much winning that we would be tired of winning. Well, if this is winning, the nation got tired of it a long time ago.

The people and I were told a lot of things. Some of those people I’m referring to are farmers. The trade war has prompted China to retaliate by canceling orders of our corn, soybeans, and other crops this year. In other words, our bread basket is rotting as we have an over-supply and there’s nothing we can do about it but take the loss.

If these farmers can’t pay their bills, they lose their farm. Never mind that the farmers are being sent aid with their own tax money.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that in the coming years we’re going to see foreclosure after foreclosure of those farms and the low prices we are currently seeing from over-supply will flip and food prices will sky-rocket.

Not only are our farms failing because of his self-inflicted wound he calls a necessary trade war, the budget deficit has risen much faster than when Obama was president.  If our credit rating is down graded again, it will tighten access to things like home and student loans. The dominoes will continue to fall well after we get Trump out of office.

Not only will the housing market fail due to lack of access to credit, schools will face bankruptcy because attendance will fall across the nation. If people stop buying things, employment opportunities will dry up because we know demand is what ultimately creates jobs.

As he and his whole movement, the alt-right, fail miserably, his blame has fallen on everyone but himself. That’s no surprise as weak people have trouble recruiting strong people to work for them and have a tendency to blame everyone else but themselves when things go wrong as a result of their bad decisions.

The man who said that he alone could fix the system that he never bothered to learn the inner workings of in the first place, is being fixed by the system and we are needlessly suffering in the name of making his America great again.



Opinion | A Short List of Potential Democratic Candidates and Who Has the Best Chance of Defeating Trump

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In my last opinion piece, ‘Why Donald Trump Will Lose in 2020,’ I asked my readers to subtract both the Mueller investigation and allegations of Russian collusion from the overall political equation as a way of revealing the often overlooked fact that Trump doesn’t do much, if any, work at all.

Coupling the issue of his laziness with the fact that he has nowhere near the cross over power (buyers remorse, no doubt) among voters that his campaign enjoyed in 2016, it’s beginning to look like Trump’s bid for a second term will be largely rejected no matter who his 2020 challenger is.

A minor subject that I had briefly touched upon in my latest work was that of the top three potential democratic candidates for president in 2020, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke; all highly skilled, highly qualified people with the kind of policy ideas that are sure to scare mainstream conservatives and, most importantly, Trump supporters.

And they should be very scared right now because most of Trump’s decisions will be erased by the next democratic President and new considerations will be placed on future legislation, protecting against the kind of weaponized ignorance never seen before Trump.

Joe Biden, who is from the last confirmed successful administration can remind voters what it was like when the adults were in charge. Every time his face pops up on the computer screen, people are reminded of the funny Facebook memes that began appearing shortly after the election, featuring Biden laughing to Obama about the latest shenanigan he pulled on the Trump administration.

If the energetic seventy six year old can pierce Trump’s thin skin by using humor and appearing as the more capable of the two, his path to victory will be well established. However, Biden is also a self proclaimed gaffe machine and that could be bad when his opponent is good at branding things for his supporters to repeat on social media. Could you imagine a major gaffe in one of the debates?

Democrats and Republicans play by two different sets of rules. On party is heavily scrutinized as a way for the other party to establish dominance. The other party can lie, cheat, gerrymander, and get away with most sexual assault. One really bad gaffe could ensure Trump’s second term.

Bernie Sanders, who Progressives still regard as having been cheated out of the nomination by Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then DNC chairperson, in the 2016 Primary, is the most popular Senator in the United States who, even though he suspiciously lost his bid for the nomination, won the right to reshape the democratic platform by public demand.

Sanders is responsible for successfully making the case to the American people and convincing them that healthcare is ultimately a human right and for lifting the stigma from concepts like Democratic Socialism and a living wage. The Progressive wonder was and is so popular that membership into the Democratic Socialists of America skyrocketed during and shortly after the election came to an end.

He not only brought in more young people, he brought in more independents that often spoke of revolution against the two party system. He made people who felt alienated belong again, much the same way Trump had with his voters. If Sanders can ward off the mudslide of propaganda about socialism, he can defeat Trump. However, a hammer and sickle won’t do the Democrats any favors in swing states.

Beto O’Rourke, the state turned national phenomenon who almost turned Texas blue and is now being compared to Obama on a daily basis, is young and looks a Kennedy. He was able to electrify Democratic voters in a way that only Ted Cruz cheating could beat. All of his donations in Texas were small and not one cent came from PAC money.

He’s like an Obama/Sanders hybrid, only his progressive ingredients appear to be imitation due to his record of supporting Trump policies coming to light. That and also proclaiming to not be ‘big on labels’ saying he doesn’t know if he is a Progressive. If he can maneuver this potential mine field of a campaign trail and successfully throw off the allegations of being a false Progressive, he can win.



Of the people mentioned that could defeat Trump, Bernie Sanders appears to be the one with the best chance of winning the Democratic nomination. For more than forty years, the Independent’s message has been the same and for every bad choice either party has made there is a video of Bernie Sanders trying to stop it. To top off the list of reasons for why he has the best chance, he’s already been through it once and lost like past candidates have done before going on to be president. And above all else, the people don’t need to be forced to like him.

However, and to be fair, we (the people who are interested and paying attention) did hear similar expectations from political experts predicting that Trump would be defeated, hands down, by Hillary Clinton.

Trump didn’t lose and it was not only because of Russia’s help, it was also because his base was fixated on his outsider status as well as his permission-implying volatile rhetoric. If voters knew in 2016 what they now know about Trump, Hillary Clinton would be President today and public figures from the alt-right wouldn’t be nearly as famous.

That chance is coming again and this time the voters do know all they need to know about Donald Trump. In 2016, we didn’t know what he was going to do or how he was going to do it. We never anticipated he was going to make this many mistakes. Buyers remorse, Trump’s laziness, the public’s heightened political awareness, and a modest independent out of Vermont will prove to be the end of Donald Trump and the rejection the alt-right needs to finally get the message and just go away for good.