Opinion: Primary Predictions, Top Four


By Eric Varney

Harris is now out… Despite the constant barrage of truth from online activists on her campaign, the reason she stated in an email to her supporters that she was dropping out was that she wasn’t a billionaire and could not fund her own campaign. But we all know that wasn’t the real reason she dropped out. She dropped out because she couldn’t figure out how to attract support from vital voting blocs to keep the feeling of ridiculousness from creeping like a erie fog.




And when your more centrist friends on social media start calling her ‘Officer Harris’, like mine have toward the beginning of the end, you know it’s time for her and the squad car to go back to the station.

The reaction on social media to her dropping out was rather embarrassing for the decorated officer, as more people either laughed or gave the ‘I told you so’ response, than people who were truly sad about her departure- still a larger number than the amount of Bloomberg supporters who exist…So, there’s that, at least. But, we all saw it coming whether we want to admit it or not.

Just a few weeks before Harris dropped out (Dec 3) and the potential moving on with the ‘dropping of the flies,’ Bloomberg announced his candidacy (Nov 24), giving goosebumps to all five of his supporters and giving Tom Steyer nightmares.

And don’t even get me started on Pete Buttigieg. This week #RefundPete is tending because early backers have found out that he wasn’t as progressive as he made himself out to be in the beginning.


I, for one, am with the refunders because Mayor Pete is not a Progressive. In fact, his main responsibility besides winning the Democratic nomination was to repair the breach between Progressives and Centrists so they would unite behind one candidate who could represent them both. He appears to have no interest in doing this because all he cares about is what Goldman Sachs tells him to care about, even if it’s to lean into a child’s face to tell them Santa isn’t real. ( A quick blurb, repairing the breach between Progressives and Centrists was the responsibility of Beto O’rourke who subsequently threw the opportunity out the window when he said he did not believe in labels. That was the moment Progressives dropped him.)

The prediction I’m making for the first four contests coming up in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina, barring any push-up competitions, Biden will come in third and Buttigieg will be in the cellar unless he can get his minority support up from 0%.

Right now, there’s a statistical tie between Sanders and Biden in Iowa, with Warren trailing both at 13%. It’s highly unlikely Sanders is going anywhere but up considering nobody is really excited about Biden or his ‘no malarkey’ malarkey. And then you have to consider ‘first fever,’ The first this to do that or the first that to do this- If Warren comes within throwing distance of looking like she has the potential to be the first female president, first fever will spread. It did with Clinton and Obama in 2008 and it did it again with Clinton in 2016.

With New Hampshire, if the history holds true, Sanders should maintain his 67.2% he won against Clinton in 2016, unless Biden tries to exchange opiates for votes- which he may have to do because it doesn’t look like he’s going to win any other way. People out there have known Bernie Sanders for a very long time.

The numbers are close in Nevada, 24% Biden to 18% Sanders and very far apart in South Carolina, 39% Biden to 18% Sanders , however, my outlook is one of optimism. The polls showing both Nevada and South Carolina could be drastically wrong like they were in 2016 for Michigan, where they predicted Clinton would win by a landslide- except that landslide was the other way around. It’s really surprising to see Biden getting minority support considering the gaff he made about poor kids being “just as bright as the white kids”. I believe that’s called a freudian slip. You’ll never catch Sanders making that mistake.


If Biden comes in third in the first four primaries his presence will be ridiculous and the media will have no choice but to prop Warren up when the time comes for him to drop out. This thing is going to come down to Sanders and Warren and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be going anywhere any time soon.





Opinion | Democrat’s New Year’s Resolution: Make Trump Open the Government Without Border Funding

broken wall


January 3rd will mark the beginning of the era of ‘short leash’ Donald, where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the incoming House dems will have subpoena power and a mandate from the American public to hold the alt-president accountable.

If Trump thinks he’s going to hold the country hostage to get five billion for his wall, he’s going to have a really big problem explaining why he said beforehand that he would be happy to shut it down, adding that he would not blame Democrats…And then he blamed Democrats.

For those who are just joining the political discussion, Trump painted himself into a corner with his last minute demand for $5B to fund a border wall that nobody wanted or currently wants to pursue.

Once his plan backfired and the partial shutdown started, he felt forced to stand his ground by declaring that he would shut down the southern border using (and essentially abusing the power of) the U.S. military.

shortly after submitting his empty threat, he made the desperate claim that the impacted federal employees actually supported the shutdown because they ultimately supported the wall. The alt-president’s claim was quickly shot down by Union leaders. After all, why would he tell his own supporters so coldly to trade their physical labor for rent?

He foolishly expects the Democrats to cave under the pressure he’s putting furloughed employees through. It won’t work.

And, guess what? He’s still not getting the wall and the government should be shut down until we get him to acknowledge his own failure by signing a bill to reopen without his border money. Yes, not simply less money for it. I’m saying absolutely  no border wall money at all.

As soon as he declared he would take less money for his wall, I knew then and there that I could give him zero and he’d be the one begging me. Trump would not have asked for less if he weren’t afraid on some level. Democrats must target that fear like a hunter to its prey.

This country doesn’t belong to Donald Trump or to the people who smile when they see a child gassed at the border. This country belongs to those who will tear the wall down and will see to it that those smiling faces are turned into ones of hopelessness. There’s only one true way to rid them of their happiness.



Opinion | Beto O’Rourke Is Not Who You Think He Is


Quick Takeaways

  • Beto O’Rourke’s wife a Billionaire Heiress
  • Ran as a Progressive in Texas but now isn’t big on labels
  • Voted 167 times against his own party, hurting the Affordable Care Act


Here we are, twelve months before the presidential primary and we’re already hearing talk of potential candidacies. As of right now, the top three hopefuls that the media is talking about are Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, and Bernie Sanders– the last of which receiving the least amount of media coverage.

But can you blame the voters who just months after Trump was unconstitutionally elected were already talking about election 2020? It has been two years into this inept administration and we’ve had three government shutdowns. I don’t blame voters at all. We were duped from all sides and I was thinking about 2020 two years ago when Trump falsely won.

On top of it all, Trump’s trade war is hurting our economy in such a way that the stock market is going up sharply one day and down sharply the next. I don’t know about you, but I think a stable economy would post gradual gains and losses over a long period of time. Sharp ups and downs gives me this feeling of artificiality, as though something isn’t adding up.

So onward we go, as the sick and tired voters that we are, to look for the one that will put an end to Trump if Mueller does not. As all our eyes are on the big three, more information is coming out about them, mostly about Beto O’Rourke. Let’s take a look.

Since 2013, Beto O’Rourke has been U.S. Representative for the 16th congressional district in Texas. And losing his bid to turn Texas blue by beating Ted Cruz, in my honest opinion, was the unofficial kick-off of his 2020 presidential campaign. He almost beat Ted Cruz who, as most of my readers remember, was told by alt-president Trump that his wife was ugly and that his dad might have been the second gunman on the grassy knoll. Fast forward to the two of them hugging.

But Beto just couldn’t pull it out a winner against Ted “thank-you-sir-may-I-have-another” Cruz. The fact that he almost turned Texas blue, however, seemed to be enough to qualify him in the media and public eye to run for president. But now we’re starting to find out some very questionable things about the winner of the Robert F. Kennedy look-alike contest.

First of all, his wife, Amy, is a billionaire Heiress and how nobody found out about that until after his defeat in Texas I’ll never know. Her father, who is a real estate mogul in El’ Paso, sold his company to GE for a whopping $2B.

Second of all, according to Newsweek, O’Rourke voted 167 times against his own party for policies that furthered the Republican agenda. And some of those bills did outright damage to the affordable care act. That’s very disturbing, considering the fact that he ran as a Progressive in Texas. Presently, O’Rourke states that he “doesn’t know” if he’s a Progressive, adding that he doesn’t like labels.  Are you kidding me?

Imagine Beto attempting to debate Trump, the sleazy master brander and disgustoramous, and having to answer for walking back his progressive values. He’d be crushed and our mistake will give us four more years of Trump.

This may sound crazy to you but I believe that Beto was chosen to keep Sanders at bay so Biden gets the nomination and there’s no hint of cheating whatsoever. I mean they’ve already learned from the mistakes of amateurish DWS and scheduled twelve debates instead of just the piddly little three broadcasted during major sports events or on weekends like last time.

Consider this: Bernie Sanders was able to change the Democratic party platform precisely because he almost defeated Hillary Clinton and then Clinton went on to lose, vindicating some on the left who didn’t think she could win. The downside was we got four years of Trump because someone didn’t want to campaign in Wisconsin or Michigan and because of a Russian asshole trying to kill America from within.

You see, I’m different. I believe it is possible to be a bad candidate and also be cheated by Russian interference.  I may lose readers over that last sentence but this is just opinion and I hope that you take the time to read my other works before you judge me on this one piece.

When Hillary Clinton raised her arms and yelled “Medicare for all will never come to pass,” that wasn’t her speaking, that was the dark monied wing of the democratic party speaking. Too many people are taking money from big pharma and have too much power, being able to control who can even run in an election, let alone win.

If Sanders comes in third during the primary, he will not be in a position to change the democratic platform and progressives will be shoved downward for a decade or two until their message and pool of candidates can recharge.

The trend I see is that Beto is strictly in the race to knock out Sanders so that Biden gets the nomination and Beto, I believe, will be repaid with his own nomination in four to eight years after having notched on his belt a presidential run.

Keep in mind, this is not a conspiracy theory (I hate those), it’s just a bet I’m placing with my readers.


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Opinion | Dear Alt-President Trump, The American People Are Better Than You


In case you haven’t read yet, the latest update, so far, is that Trump revealed Navy Seal’s faces and identities in a video he tweeted Wednesday while visiting Troops in Iraq. It is operational security that the identities of members of special operations forces are covered up and their faces pixellated on any photographs.

Was it because he just wasn’t aware like usual or because he’s low-key trying to put our personnel in harm’s way? Let’s examine.

Let’s say Putin was feeding Trump specific instructions to do certain things, knowing the American people would just chalk it up to ignorance. Would Trump be able to keep his mouth shut about it? I don’t think so.

I highly doubt that our real members of government are still giving the alt-president accurate information considering that he couldn’t keep some of the information from early briefings a secret.

As soon as he became the Republican nominee in 2016, he started receiving intelligence briefings. Before he was even elected* he had already revealed that there was a secret military base in Saudi Arabia. And that’s just one of the examples showing Trump can’t shut up.

I truly believe Donald Trump simply cannot perform the duties expected of a president. Showing up to work everyday, keeping with the traditions that already make our country great, not saluting generals of cult-nations, and not bowing to our enemy Putin – That’s what the American people, we the people, expect of the president. Trump simply cannot live up to those expectations.

The American people expect a president to show up to work everyday because that is what they have to do to survive. They don’t get to go golfing or run away to a self-owned resort when the going gets tough, they have to take it and keep on going. They also can’t ask daddy to get them a special diagnosis from the doctor either. From the highest paid CEO to the employee making minimum wage, none of them can go through one day at their job and make as many mistakes as Trump does without getting fired.

We the people are better than Donald Trump because we’re adults. Because we’ve worked for important things and have suffered the pains to advance in life. What has Trump done but create failed businesses and steal money from innocent people? Not an ounce of actual work, that’s for sure.





*His election to the presidency of the United States has not been proven legal




Opinion | Trump is Never Getting His Wall

the wall


Quick Takeaways

  • Trump could have avoided shutdown
  • Third shut down of 2018
  • Claims most federal employees support his border wall


It’s not that hard of a concept for alt-president Trump and his dwindling base to understand. America simply doesn’t want the wall. If he tries to put one up to contain the will of the people, it will be destroyed by those same people the day after we force him out of office. What a waste of money that will be… That five billion he’s asking for could more than save Flint, Michigan, if not put a dent in our homelessness epidemic.

All he had to do was keep his mouth shut and the government would be open today, but at the last-minute he made a five billion dollar threat that his administration couldn’t cash.

Some people thought Democrats in the House were just giving into Trump’s bullying tactics, but those members knew it wouldn’t get approval in the Senate.

From day one of this alt-administration, Republicans have had control of all three branches of government, yet haven’t gotten anything done. Democrats haven’t even taken over the House of Representatives yet (that happens January 3rd) and we’ve already had three shutdowns, the last of which looks to be quite a long one. If this were the great American game of Baseball, this bum would be out already.

On Christmas day, set to the Incredible Hulk’s ‘lonely man‘ theme, Trump stated he was going to keep government shut down until he got his wall funding, which means until the end of his first and only term, most likely. If that’s not painting yourself into a corner, I don’t know what is. If he backs down from this threat, he’ll look weak to his base and really weak to realists. If he gets his wall funding, whatever does get built will be destroyed the day after we force him out.

Final thoughts:

Trump is too incompetent to know when to resign. He thinks he’s fighting a war on illegal immigration, but he’s actually fighting a war on progress, and he’s going to lose. He may get some parts of his wall constructed but it will be a colossal waste of money because it will be destroyed.

By fighting this stupid delusional war, he’s actually making it worse on racists, xenophobes, and homophobes, because legislation protecting minorities and protected groups in the future will be stronger and have more teeth. If he thinks America is bad now because we value multiculturalism instead of bigotry, he’s going to really want to vomit when he sees America of 2050 and we’re even more racially, sexually, ethnically, and culturally diverse.  Open borders are inevitable because the people trying to get in are human and the people who are trying to keep them out are dying of old age.








Opinion | The Economy Will Collapse Before Trump is Forced Out of Office


Quick Takeaways

  • Trump fears that Fed’s policies will turn him into the next Herbert Hoover
  • The Dow falls with every Trump tweet, negative gains for 2018
  • Weak people blame everyone but themselves


The collapse of the U.S. economy has to be weighing on Trump’s mind or the name ‘Hoover’ would not have come out of his mouth. He’s worried that the Fed raising rates, which they normally do as the economy grows, will cause a recession.

To be fair to Herbert Hoover, he was at least legally elected president. Not only is Trump’s comparison inappropriate, it’s flat-out wrong. Hoover didn’t cause the great depression. However, Trump, with every stupid tweet and self-inflicted wound upon his own illogical goals, is causing the economy to slow and eventually sink.

He’s scared, we all know it, and his worst nightmare of him knowing that we know has already long come true. Now he wants to blame the Fed in the event of what’s beginning to look like collapse.

Trump’s economy began just over a year ago, and the Dow has lost all of its gains of 2018. Everyday is opposite day as he squats in the White House, waiting for the inevitable day when we fire him either by force-out or through his most likely defeat in 2020. The people and I were told that there would be so much winning that we would be tired of winning. Well, if this is winning, the nation got tired of it a long time ago.

The people and I were told a lot of things. Some of those people I’m referring to are farmers. The trade war has prompted China to retaliate by canceling orders of our corn, soybeans, and other crops this year. In other words, our bread basket is rotting as we have an over-supply and there’s nothing we can do about it but take the loss.

If these farmers can’t pay their bills, they lose their farm. Never mind that the farmers are being sent aid with their own tax money.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that in the coming years we’re going to see foreclosure after foreclosure of those farms and the low prices we are currently seeing from over-supply will flip and food prices will sky-rocket.

Not only are our farms failing because of his self-inflicted wound he calls a necessary trade war, the budget deficit has risen much faster than when Obama was president.  If our credit rating is down graded again, it will tighten access to things like home and student loans. The dominoes will continue to fall well after we get Trump out of office.

Not only will the housing market fail due to lack of access to credit, schools will face bankruptcy because attendance will fall across the nation. If people stop buying things, employment opportunities will dry up because we know demand is what ultimately creates jobs.

As he and his whole movement, the alt-right, fail miserably, his blame has fallen on everyone but himself. That’s no surprise as weak people have trouble recruiting strong people to work for them and have a tendency to blame everyone else but themselves when things go wrong as a result of their bad decisions.

The man who said that he alone could fix the system that he never bothered to learn the inner workings of in the first place, is being fixed by the system and we are needlessly suffering in the name of making his America great again.



Opinion | How to Destroy the Alt-Right

alt right

Fascism is cured by reading, and racism is cured by traveling.Miguel de Unamuno

In 2008, Richard Spencer, invented the term alternative right in an article published by extremely conservative Taki’s Magazine. It was branding meant to differentiate conservative Republicans willing to compromise conservative beliefs by playing ball with Liberal Democrats from the more isolated, exclusively online fringe conservative groups who felt alienated by that behavior.

To provide you a guideline of how to effectively treat this political disease, the alt-right movement, I must first go into who and what they are as well as what they’re ultimately after.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “The Alternative Right is characterized by heavy use of social media and online memes. Alt-righters eschew “establishment” conservatism, skew young, and embrace white ethnonationalism as a fundamental value.” Let’s unpack.

These are people who believe, among other things, that white people are a race, that there is a white identity, that they invented civilization, and that the United States was built exclusively by white people.

Some intellectuals deem this movement as dead but I disagree. Diseases like racism and white nationalism can be cured in the individual, but cannot be fully eradicated from the body of mankind.

And I should know about trying to cure things like racism and white nationalism in the individual via online debate. It’s a really tough undertaking.

Over the last ten years I estimate the number of debates I’ve participated in to be within ten thousand and most of my opponents, as I came to notice more and more as time had passed, had progressed from being purely pro Reagan and trickle down, to Tea Party in response to Obama, and finally, hijacked by the modern and always crazy white supremacist movement, the alt-right.

As far as the kind of opponents I’ve had, they ranged from generic crazy to full-blown sociopath, from confederates lost in time to cherry pickers of the Bible. It is said that most people of the alt right are atheists but this has not been proven and my experience says otherwise.

They are pretty tricky to nail down since most of what they will tell you in a debate will be false or highly spun to prove points that logically can’t be made. Their goal to make you look stupid and catch you off guard. They will say outrageous things and walk their statements back as jokes or exaggerations. These people are the pigs and their playing field is shit. They like rolling in it and good people lose because they hate getting dirty.

Here’s how I’ve destroyed these ideological grape smugglers:

  • Their number one weapon is humor. If you don’t have sense of humor, they will have fun at your expense and your lack of getting it will be the joke. You have to like playing dirty. If they are a man, assume they were born without testicles and treat them accordingly.
  • When you’re winning, they will switch up the conversation. Don’t let them dictate the direction of the debate. Switch it up on them. Assume what they think is different than what they are typing and treat them accordingly.
  • Piss them off and make some people watching laugh at them. They get embarrassed fairly quickly. I found a group on Facebook that is full of weak alt-right men who hate when I talk about black liberal men impregnating white alt-righter’s girlfriends/wives. You know you’ve made them mad when they just can’t take it and block you.
  • Assume their genetics are faulty. Tell them that you don’t think it’s all alt-righters, just them individually. Logically isolate them in the conversation from the parent cell and it will disorient their line of thinking by injecting a sense that they aren’t as protected.
  • They will often ask you to define something for them so you argue what they want you to argue rather than what the main topic was staring out. Quiz them. Ask them simple questions that children would know and berate them for taking too long in answering you. You don’t want them looking anything up on google now, do you?
  • They will often have an outrageous job title such as ‘cloud-centric investigator’ or an educational background of ‘school of hard knocks.’ The first means chem trail researcher, which isn’t real. The second means they didn’t go to college. Press them on both and insult them with your skepticism, especially toward their education.

There are lots of other ways to beat people who believe they are genetically superior to everyone else in the room, but the few I did mention are my most highly effective methods to destroying clowns of the alt-right.

With the failing of this alternative president, many people share this false sense of security that the alt-right is a failing or, perhaps already failed movement. I don’t think such movements die, they only take on different names and absorb different ideas that hold the most potential of furthering their ultimate goals of a white only existence.

These points weren’t meant as an encouragement toward being a douche bag or hurting innocent people. These are simply tools to fight individuals of the alt-right who can and will do harmful things to people, like doxxing- the act of researching a person’s personal information with the intent of releasing it publicly. These are also people who have been known to call a supervisor or two in the hopes of getting someone fired. That’s not the act of an innocent person. So, only use the tools against real scum, like the alt-right.