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  • Building the Perfect Constitution, Part 1

    Identifying the Gaps Making good on my earlier threat to present a nine-part series on the Constitution, I now present you with Part One.  In the introduction (or Part Zero) to this series, I pointed out that the Constitution is… Read More ›

  • The President Show

    …the pilot episode. This President’s Day, I figured I would start a series on the presidency, maybe beginning with an introductory post and then following up, on an annual basis, with a profile of an American President, say, in chronological… Read More ›

  • Cult of the Occasional Cortex seeks tax-exempt status, self-annihilates

    DERP wire services Taking one page from Das Kapital, and another from the Koran, followers of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez founded a religious organization and sought tax-exempt status earlier this week.  The resulting philosophical self-contradiction almost immediately resulted in a total collapse… Read More ›

  • Cult of the Occasional Cortex seeks recognition, members

    DERP wire services Elated by the election of one of their own to Congress, the newly-branded Cult has called for the creation of a new socialist party.  Undeterred by the existence of another national socialist party in the United States,… Read More ›

  • Opinion | Crisis at the Border

    No, not that border. The one further north. The one around Washington, DC.

    President Trump is delivering a speech on the “crisis at the border” as I type, and it’s being carried by MSLSD, among many other networks. I have the perennial misfortune of being in a position to hear these, hour after hour, even when they’re not additionally sullied by his voice.

  • Building the Perfect Constitution

    “Constitution” carries an immediately-understandable connotation, for just about anyone, anywhere in the world. But the definitions vary considerably from society to society. To a Briton, the Constitution is a loose collection of documents, scattered throughout time and geographical scope, outlining the operations of government.

  • Introducing the Opposition

    Eric has kindly asked me to participate in this growing community, and so, to the best of my ability, I will provide and expound on principles espoused by centrist and Constitutional conservatives and right-libertarians. I will, from time to time, engage in light debate with him by tacking comments on to his blog posts, but for the most part, my role here is to author posts in order to promote thinking along lines outside of your comfort zone.