Hump Day 3 - Ed 1

The original photo is already hackneyed, a jaded pathetic cliché.  Like Sweaty Richard Nixon and the Checkers speech, or Bush Jr. on the aircraft carrier with the “Mission Accomplished” banner.  I suppose most people viewed this CPAC spectacle as some sort of sick Me Too moment, or maybe thought of a Snow Monkey humping a basketball.  That crossed my mind, as did the notion that here Trump is doing to the flag what he’s been doing to us for the last couple of years.  As humor often is, that was, sadly, too close to a dark truth to be funny.  I thought maybe the angle that he mistook the flag for a porn star might work, but that depressed me for the same reason.

So after dry humping the flag, he went off on a deranged monologue for two hours.  If an older relative spoke like that you’d be figuring out a way to nab his car keys and keep him off the road.  It sounded like he went off his meds, but CPAC loved it.  Of course they did.  So family values now embrace cheating, as long as it’s with a porn star.  Or a Playboy bunny.  It’s ok to lie about not knowing them, more lies of not knowing about the hush money, then confronted with the checks he signed he claims it wasn’t money from the campaign.  I suppose that’s another lie, but who knows.  Either way, the cash does not have to originate from a campaign fund to be an illegal expenditure.  It could have come from his charity.  The one the NY AG shut down because of outright fraud, as he happily treated that money along with campaign and inaugural contributions as his own personal loot.  Or to express sadness that a really good guy like Manafort is going to jail for tax evasion, money laundering, bank fraud and perjury.  For Chrissake,  he was the bag man for Putin’s other puppet, the former President of Ukraine.  Apparently all that’s ok too.  And it must be so disappointing that after years of accusations they couldn’t get anything on Hillary.  Not a single stinking charge they could trot out in front of a grand jury.  Anywhere.  I want to see CPAC, to see what it looks like when these slobbering slack-jawed Trumpian sodomites proudly pass these values on to their kids.


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