Let’s pretend, for a moment, that Trump isn’t under investigation and that the Russians didn’t help elect him(they totally did and we all know it). This fact remains; he’s less dangerous playing golf or watching television than trying to be president on days he feels like working because he obviously can’t perform the essential duties of the job.

And you know he’s really not leadership material when the only person who didn’t say no to being his chief of staff was the guy who once called him a ‘terrible human being.’ Lies and faulty promises paved the road to Trump’s first win but mistakes, laziness, and thin skin will cost him his second term.

With presidential election season around the corner, a few Democratic hopefuls are weighing their options carefully.

All eyes, thus far, are on three men who may or may not run: Biden, Beto, and Sanders. And if these highly skilled, highly qualified people show up to work every day on the campaign trail, the alternative president is toast.

Trump promised his base many, many things before and after he was elected. His most famous and, perhaps his most critical promise of all– America building the border wall and Mexico paying for it— simply isn’t going to come true.

Trump recently threatened to shut down the government if he didn’t get funding for his wall, meaning Americans, not Mexicans would be paying the bill.

Ultimately, the asterisk president knows that without the wall, he’s not getting reelected, never mind who pays for it. He can just convince his supporters, when the time comes, that they’re paying more in taxes, not because his tax cuts for them had expired, but because Democrats are out of control spenders of other people’s money– the tired line we hear every four years.

He can blame Democrats all he wants for not getting the funding but he’ll never be able to coherently explain to his critics how he couldn’t get it done while Republicans controlled all branches of government.

All his empty promises aside, the fact that he doesn’t show up to work every day to see his failures through to the end is another critical reason why Donald Trump will lose in 2020.

According to, the eccentric, part-time president has cost the American tax payer $84M while the Muller investigation has made the tax payer a profit of $48M.

Although a good sign for sanity in America, if he continues to withdraw from the duties of his job, his supporters may lose confidence and simply stay home when it comes time to vote for him again, knowing he won’t deliver on any of his rhetoric.

And then there’s the fact that Trump can’t take a little fun at his expense, even from SNL, who recently aired a skit called ‘What a Wonderful Trump,’ where Trump, the impersonation, imagines he’s not the President while all his failures warmly greet him and talk about Hillary Clinton. Saturday Night Live has poked fun at every U.S. president since the show began and for Trump to believe he should be treated differently reveals a snowflake side to his personality.

So, for those reading who are worried about Trump’s chances of being reelected, you can relax. When he’s not golfing or watching ‘Fox and Friends‘ he’ll be on the trail, talking about the border wall he couldn’t deliver in his first and, if I’m right, only term. I can tell you the eventual Democratic nominee will be able to do things like read and take a joke without acting the part of the spoiled child.

If the Mueller investigation I asked you to pretend doesn’t exist at the beginning of this article doesn’t take him down, his Democratic challenger, whoever that may be, will. I personally can’t wait to see the comment sections light up with Trump supporters weaving conspiracy after conspiracy of why he didn’t win. I just feel bad for Trump when the moment arrives and he tries to read them but can’t.








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